QMI manually brush washes every vehicle with moderate strength, surface-safe detergents, and soft bristle brushes. We DO NOT use harsh chemicals and excessive water pressure to get your vehicles clean, just good old-fashioned elbow grease. You can expect us to remove all fingerprints, exhaust residue, and road film from all visible painted surfaces including the chassis, fuel tanks, rims, bumpers, landing gear, windows and mirrors. In other words, whatever you can see when you’re standing next to it is going to be clean. Except in rare instances, we also use DI (de-ionized) water for spot free rinsing. Optional services include mitt washing, hand drying, engine cleaning, interior cleaning, waxing and polishing, cleaning of the chassis underside, or those parts not normally visible while standing next to the vehicle. When we are done, you can expect us to clean up any debris we have created during the service call. And of course, all water used in the wash process will be collected and properly disposed of (see “WASH WATER RECOVERY & ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE” section).