The quality and consistency of the work that we provide is our most important mission and is accomplished as follows:


  • Crew members are trained and work side by side with designated veteran trainers for several weeks before they are released to a crew.
  • Each crew has a Foreman who is responsible for the supervision of the job and the entire crew. These individuals typically have between 6 and 12 months of experience before becoming Foreman.
  • We keep the same crews on the same customer sites to maximize the crew’s familiarity with the unique needs of each customer site.
  • The crews are given detailed work orders that address any of the customer’s unique needs or requests. These instructions also include site-specific information pertaining to wash water recovery and appear on every work order.
  • Each crew’s work is inspected by field supervisors regularly. Any deficiencies noted by the field supervisors are corrected immediately and later reported to management.
  • We batch mix all of our own soaps, and manufacture our own pressure washers in-house. This helps us control the quality and reliability of the products and equipment that we use.